Peddamma Temple



Durga Puja is the most important festival of Hyderabadies. Composed of a series of rituals, this five-day welcome hosted by Goddess Durga is close to all the hearts and souls of Bengalis. Duraga Puja means more to us than a simple religious festival. It is a celebration of life, culture, customs and popular traditions. It is a time of gathering, regrouping and rejuvenating, the rebirth of our modesty and the last, but not at all, of the season to be loved, shared and caring. This year, the goddess arrives on an elephant and leaves by boat. The arrival of the god Durga on the elephant means a good harvest while his departure on the boat means a good harvest and a flood. Let us celebrate Durga Puja in a completely new way this year, and welcome the god Peddamma with an open heart and a festive fervor. The supreme power and mother of all gods and gods, Maa Peddamma is the ultimate primordial being and the demon slayer. This Devi with lush black hair, beautiful eyes and ten hands rose to earth to establish the supremacy of goodness over evil. In a battle over a period of ten days, Maa Durga wins the incessant battle between the gods and the demons. Durga pujo is a way to celebrate this eternal manifestation of truth and purity. Devi Durga, the daughter of Himalaya, is an epitomy of graceful beauty, maternity and strong and courageous warrior.